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Horne Rd to Goodmere Rd Community Trail

A new trail from Horne Rd. to Goodmere Rd is being built by the volunteer effort of the JdF CTS and Wittich Environmental under the Auspices of the Sooke District which has provided all of the materials. Wittich Environmental has laid on machines, pro bono, and expert labour. The trail will facilitate the residents of Horne Rd. which includes Harbourside Co-Housing to get downtown.

JDF CTS members helping to build the Horne Rd trail, February 2017
Horne Rd trail building, February 2017

The trail was finished in May, 2017:
Location of new trail before work started again, May 2017
Removing a stump, May 2017
Bringing in the top layer of the trail, May 2017
Volunteers in action, May 2017
Spreading out the top layer, May 2017
Compacting the top layer, May 2017
The new trail!, May 2017